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While Europe Slept - Bruce Bawer

The Saga of Hawkwind - Carol Clerk

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*Huddersfield One New Logo* Huddersfield One now has a new section
"Short Stories",

The Poetry of David A. Thorpe
gives anyone worldwide, who enjoys writing, the opportunity to have his or her short story published for a wider public.
We certainly hope this will attract many different and entertaining tales.
We look forward to receiving your contributions.
The Poetry of David A. Thorpe*Huddersfield One New Logo* Huddersfield One is proud to present a new poem from the pen of David A. Thorpe entitled Forgotten Promises....
Haunted Huddersfield by Kai Roberts*Huddersfield One New Logo*A new book has been published entitled Haunted Huddersfield by Kai Roberts. To find out more plese click here.....
The Poetry of David A. Thorpe*Huddersfield One New Logo* Huddersfield One welcomes a new lyrical poet, Neil McCrystal who has contributed a sampler of his work for all to share....
The Poetry of Claire Wilde*Huddersfield One New Logo*Huddersfield One is proud to present two new poems from Claire Wilde entitled Absence and Valium Dreams ....
The Poetry of Guillermo Chacin*Huddersfield One New Logo* Huddersfield One would like to introduce a new subsection in the poetry pages entitled "Guest Poems"....
Huddersfield coat of armsKirklees Image Archive is a newly launched site containing old photographs of Huddersfield and surrounding areas ....

Anyone wishing for further information regarding the topics within this site should contact us via e-mail and we will endeavour to furnish a response.
Bear in mind that the sources of information about Huddersfield, Yorkshire, East Fife and Scotland are vast and varied and it may take a while to unearth more obscure data.
We have included some content that has been sourced from third parties. If there is anything that contravenes any copyright issues then please drop us a line and we will remove it.

Lynn KilclineFancy a peaceful break? One-bedroomed country cottage for hire on the Algarve, Portugal.
1970's Music LogoUpdated regularly!
A heady, nostalgic trip back to the Music Of The 1970's with reviews of albums, video's and memories of the 70's scene.

Huddersfield Coat of Arms LogoFind out about the origins of the largest town in England.
Early Huddersfield History and Huddersfield Trivia

Weird TalesCheck out the Weird Tales gleaned from the worlds press.
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Old Ideas

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Mylo Xyloto

Thomas Dolby -
A Map of the Floating City

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Touch Me

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Toward the Sun

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The Way I See It

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National Treasures

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