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Bill Sykes' Newsletter from America.
(May 2004)

An ex-Brit gives his views---(without fear or favor)---of the American scene.

It must be pretty obvious to the discerning reader, that as I publish each of these news letters at the beginning of the month, a majority of the news items are from the previous month. (In this case, news and comments are for the month of April 2004).

I will not be making a seventeen minute opening statement as President Bush did at his so-called news conference on Tuesday evening the 13th April 2003 prime time television broadcast - (which to me appeared to be much more of a political campaign statement than a news conference).
I try to find subjects which I think will be of general interest to the readers of this news letter, but I’m sorry to say that I’m influenced by the constant TV news programs and daily front page articles which have no room for anything else but politics and war. So what am I to do - the world is in turmoil and I’m stuck with trying to analyse and report factually the complex and tragic events that are a daily occurrence.

I will tackle three, (or maybe more), major subjects that have been headline news during the month of April 2004.
1) "The National Commission on Terrorist Acts Upon the United States", has recently been involved in investigating the intelligence failures that apparently occurred prior to the eleventh of September terrorist events.
2) A synopsis of President Bush’s news conference on the thirteenth of April 2004.
3) European reaction to decisions coming out of the Bush/Sharon meeting at the White House on Wednesday the fourteenth of April 2004.

We welcome feedback about any of the contents of these newsletters. Please send all correspondence to

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