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Bill Sykes' Newsletter from America.
(September 2005)

An ex-Brit gives his views - (without fear or favor) - of the American Scene

Britain - "An integrated society" - A controversial subject?
From our annual visits to UK we have observed what appears to us to be a rapidly deteriorating national identity of the British people. The people of Britain appear to becoming an alarming mixture of various nationalities who are not the cohesive workforce that the British Government would like to have us believe but more of a segregated mish-mash of foreign entities who have migrated into localised ghettoes and instead of becoming integrated citizens of Britain are retaining their own particular customs, identity, and mode of dress. May I suggest that it is the duty of each and every immigrant to assimilate into a new culture and make any and all the necessary changes in order to be accepted as a new citizen in the country to which they have emigrated, and certainly not vice-versa.

British industry has been provided with the cheap labour, that the economists stated that Britain required, by the introduction of a foreign labour force who in the beginning took the lower paying jobs that the British workers apparently would not tackle.
In my opinion the new workforce in many cases have diluted the personality of British society by the introduction of certain problems in the areas of hygiene, potential health conditions, overcrowded housing, and lowered educational standards.
In many cases this could be due to language barriers and a desire to retain local customs and their own particular national identity, and on top of that they have congregated in localized areas nationwide which in certain instances have become "no-go" communities where the local people who once resided in those areas are now warned to enter at their own peril.

So, has integration, (as toted by the British Government as being a huge success), been accomplished? In my opinion, far from it, I would suggest that in many towns and cities segregation is a more appropriate word for the current situation than integration.
I have said a number of times in previous newsletters that in my opinion the people of the UK would, if the current situation of mass immigration into the country continues, for good or for bad, could become a coloured race within the next fifty plus years.

From what we saw during our recent visit this year that dateline may be rapidly diminishing in a downward spiral due to the legal and illegal entry into Britain by hordes of foreign nationals seeking opportunistic rewards of a better life by taking full advantage of the British socialist give-away programs, which in my view are placing a very heavy and unsustainable financial burden upon the middle class British citizens. The mass of immigrants entering Britain may have provided cheap labour, that many of the leading economists stated was a growing necessity in the world markets, but it has come with a price which in my estimation is lowering the standards of the British way of life and unfortunately placing a once great nation in the precarious position of attaining a designation as a third world country.
I’m very much aware that a number of the immigrants arriving in Britain are highly intelligent beings with excellent educational qualifications but the ratio of this type of person to the lower echelon cheap labour leaves a lot to be desired.

Late breaking news: Dateline 15th July 2005. London.
Charles ClarkeThe British Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, has discussed with European Ministers the setting up of joint charter flights, (already dubbed "Migrant Air" by the national press), upon which illegal immigrants located in Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain will be returned to the countries of their origin.
The reason for establishing an air charter company is that the commercial aircraft companies balk at accepting deportees who are seen as a security risk.
Can one say that it’s about time that some action was taken - well done Mr. Home Secretary.

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