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The Crest of Huddersfield


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Huddersfield and Districts
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Further Reading;

Coming in June 2003! The Making of Huddersfield by Dr George Redmonds.
'The Making of Huddersfield' covers exactly what the titles says, the book details how the town transformed from the early middle ages right through to the present day. The book gives people an insight into the major events that have effected the town and the people that live there. ISBN 1903425 39 5

Huddersfield : a most handsome town; Aspects of the History and Culture of a West Yorkshire Town, edited by E.A.Hilary Haigh, Huddersfield, Kirklees MC, 1992, pp704
ISBN 95 0 900746 52 1 Paperback, price £24.95.
ISBN is 0 900746 51 3 Hardback, price £34.95
The book is available from bookshops in Huddersfield, from Kirklees Libraries, Museums and the Tourist Information Office, from Amazon or from any bookseller.

K.L.McKutcheon, "Yorkshire Fairs and Markets". Thoresby Society XXXIX (1939)

L. Browning & R. K. Senior,"The Old Yards of Huddersfield". (Huddersfield, 1986)

G. Redmonds, "Old Huddersfield.1500 - 1800". (Huddersfield, 1981)

G. Redmonds, "Almondbury Places and Place-names". (Huddersfield, 1983)

Hazel Wheeler, "Huddersfield at War". (Allan Sutton Publishing 1992)

Roy Brook, "The Story of Huddersfield" (Macgibbon and Kee, 1968)

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